Can reverse DNS be turned off for NFS?


We have setup 3 Virtual Machine server machines that mount the VMs from 2 other storage machines. We mount the VMs from the storage servers to have less data to move when moving the VMs(pause on one server, mount on new server, unpause) and to facilitate snapshots and backup.

We were in the middle of an extended power outage due to storms (the ops team forgot to check that we had fuel in the generator and the don't test it weekly tsk, tsk), so we shut everything down.

After fueling the generator, we started to bring everything up. Big problem.

To NFS mount the storage, NFS wants to do a reverse DNS lookup, but the DNS server is a VM that can't start until the storage is NFS mounted!

We copied the DNS server VM to one of the VM servers locally and started it so we could then bring everything up.

We would like to run NFS without the reverse lookup (everything is on our internal network) but can't find out how to turn off.

Any help is appreciated

Best Solution

Put the IP address of the NFS clients in the /etc/hosts file of the NFS server with a comment like:

# 2009-04-17 Workaround a chicken and egg DNS resolution problem at boot mynfsclient anothernfsclient

Then, add to your runbook "When changing the IP addresses of a machine, do not forget to update the hosts file of the NFS server".

Now, to shut off this stupid DNS test in the NFS server, it depends on the server. You apparently did not indicate the OS or the server type.

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