Cocoa – How to change the height of an NSProgressIndicator


By default, cocoa progress bars are slightly fat and I want something a little slimmer, like the progress bars seen in the Finder copy dialog. However, Interface Builder locks the NSProgressIndicator control height to 20 pixels and my programmatic attempts to slim down aren't working, as calls to

[progressBar setControlSize:NSMiniControlSize];


[progressBar setControlSize:NSSmallControlSize];

in awakeFromNib don't do anything, and the suggestive looking NSProgressIndicatorThickness seen in the header file doesn't seem to plug into any methods that I can see.

What's the trick?

Best Solution

Those calls should have worked. In Interface Builder, in the Geometry pane (the one whose icon is a ruler), there is an equivalent control size selector that offers "Regular" and "Small" sizes.