Cocoa – simple record and play application!


I am trying to make a simple application which will store the sound said by user , say on click of record button and will play it back to him/her , say on click of play button.

Can anyone suggest me some appropriate way to do this ??



Best Solution

You can use QuickTime Kit's capture APIs to record a movie of the audio, and QTMovie (from the same framework) to convert it to a more conventional format for audio files and to play back both the intermediate file and the converted file.

There used to be a QuickTime Kit Programming Guide, but it didn't cover capturing and is now gone from You should file a bug against the docs.

This answer will work in a Cocoa (Mac) app. If you meant to ask about the iPhone, you should re-tag your question, as the solution will be completely different for a Cocoa app vs. a Cocoa Touch (iPhone) app.

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