Committing a Directory to Subversion


Kind of a newbie question, but I am having problems using SNVKit.

I am using SVNKit in an application to commit changes to files. I have it successfully adding the files and folders to the working copy, but I am having problems committing it to the respository.

The command I am trying to run is 'commit -m "Test Add" /svnroot/project1/' but I keep getting "svn: '/home/user' is not a working copy"

I have a structure similar to this:

  • /svnroot/
  • /svnroot/project1/
  • /svnroot/project1/grouping1/
  • /svnroot/project1/grouping1/myfilesarehere

If I try to commit the file, I get the following message: "'/svnroot/project1/grouping1' is not under version control and is not part of the commit, yet its child is part of the commit."

What might I be doing wrong?

EDIT: Fixed the directories.

Best Solution

If you have both a directory and its child added, but neither is not committed, I believe you get this message if you try to commit just the child. You need to commit the parent directory first.