Configure TeamCity to build from SVN trunk, branches and/or tags


How can I configure TeamCity to build from SVN trunk and also from different branches and/or tags ?

Our idea is to have multiple builds from the same project, this way we can have the current version that is in production (with the ability to make deploys and fixes over that "release tag") and at the same time have the trunk and branches with the actual development that is taking place daily.

We have our policies, owner and all that for our SVN directories, the problem that we have is how to configure TeamCity to make multiple builds for the same project over the different "versions" or "states" of the application.

What is the best way to do this ?

Thanks in advance !

Best Solution

First, ensure your VCS root is the root of your SVN repository in your administration panel, instead of being pointed to the trunk directory.

Then, for each build configuration, edit the checkout rules in your VCS Configuration. Add the checkout rule you desire.

For example, for your 'trunk' build configuraton, you would have a checkout rule of: +:trunk => ..

If you have a tag or branch you want to build, just create a new build config with a corresponding checkout rule. A tag of 'release-1.1' would have a checkout rule of: +:tags/release-1.1 => .

Here is the documentation on checkout rules: