Connecting to SVN on a remote Windows server using Tortoise SVN


I installed svn on my remote Windows 2008 server, the ip is 41.139.540.60 for example. Now, using Tortoise SVN on the server itself works using svn://localhost/. I can open the repo browser and so on. Now, how do I connect to that svn from my local PC? I tried svn://41.139.540.60, but it did not work, the message I got was the the server did not respond and thus connection failed. I cant ping the IP, so its a server issue I guess.

What else is needed to make it run?

Thanks 🙂

The guide I used was:

Best Solution

svn:// protocol runs on TCP port 3690, so make sure your remote Windows Server 2008 allows clients to connect to this port.

An other option is to install Apache + mod_svn on your Windows 2008 server and connect to your repositories with https:// rather than svn://

Here is a useful guide for installing Apache and mod_svn

As you already installed SVN itself, you can start from section 2.3

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