Converting ubx file to RINEX; not obtaining .nav files, why


I'm trying to convert .ubx file to RINEX .obs and .nav files with RTKLIB.
But I found that sometime only .obs file can be generated while .nav can not.

What kind of data do I need in .ubx to generate .nav file?
Does anyone have any idea why?

Best Solution

To create suitable RINEX you need a Ublox chip with enabled "RAW data option". A normal ublx chip does not have that option. But if you pay ublox probably the firmware of the chip can be updated to output that RAW messages.

These RAW messages contains the "original" data of the satellite signal. So probaly your ubx file does not contain that raw messages.

See also ublox binary protocoll specification on ublox web page. There are the RAW messages decribed

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