Couchdb, for what and how should I use it


I hear a lot about couchdb, but after reading some documents about it, I still don't get why to use it and how.

Could you clarify this mystery for me?

Best Solution

It's a non-relational database, open-source, distributed (incremental, bidirectional replication), schema-free. A CouchDB database is a collection of documents; each document is a bunch of string "keys" and corresponding "values" (which can be numbers, strings, lists, dates, ...). You can have indices, queries, views.

If a relational DB feels confining to you (you find schemas too rigid, can't spread the DB engine work around a very large numbers of servers, etc), CouchDB is worth considering (it's one of the most interesting of the many non-relational DBs that are emerging these days).

But if all of your work happily fits in a relational database, that's what you probably want to continue using for production work (even though "playing around" with some non-relational DB is still well worth your time, just for personal growth and edification, that's quite different from transferring huge production systems over from a relational DB!-).