Css – Acceptable CSS hacks/fixes


Is there a list of 'good' clean CSS hacks, which are certain to be future-proof?

For example, zoom:1 is safe, as long as it's only served to IE, and you remember it's there. The very common hack of using child selectors is not safe because IE7 supports them. Using height:1% just feels dirty (but that might just be me).

I know of ie7-js, so IE6 bugs don't worry me much. Also, I'm not looking for a religious debate, just sources.

Thanks for the replies – I've selected the one with best sources as answer.

Thanks also for the suggestions to use separate CSS files, or not to worry about it. I entirely agree with you, and for me, those are givens. But when faced with a layout problem, I want a safe fix that will minimise the risk that I'll have to revisit the problem in $IE or $FF + 1. Sorry I didn't make that clearer.

Best Solution

This is a good place for well-documented and well-tested browser bugs and the hacks allow you to work around them: