CSS: background image on background color


I have panel which I colored blue if this panel is being selected (clicked on it). Additionally, I add a small sign (.png image) to that panel, which indicates that the selected panel has been already selected before.

So if the user sees for example 10 panels and 4 of them have this small sign, he knows that he has already clicked on those panels before. This work fine so far. The problem is now that I can't display the small sign and make the panel blue at the same time.

I set the panel to blue with the css background: #6DB3F2; and the background image with background-image: url('images/checked.png'). But it seems that the background color is above the image so you cannot see the sign.

Is it therefore possible to set z-indexes for the background color and the background image?

Best Solution

You need to use the full property name for each:

background-color: #6DB3F2;
background-image: url('images/checked.png');

Or, you can use the background shorthand and specify it all in one line:

background: url('images/checked.png'), #6DB3F2;