Css – IE8 overflow:auto with max-height


I have an element which may contain very big amounts of data, but I don't want it to ruin the page layout, so I set max-height: 100px and overflow:auto, hoping for scrollbars to appear when the content does not fit.

It all works fine in Firefox and IE7, but IE8 behaves as if overflow:hidden was present instead of overflow:auto.

I tried overflow:scroll, still does not help, IE8 simply truncates the content without showing scrollbars. Changing max-height declaration to height makes overflow work OK, it's the combination of max-height and overflow:auto that breaks things.

This is also logged as an official bug in the final, release version of IE8

Is there a workaround? For now I resorted to using height instead of max-height, but it leaves plenty of empty space in case there isn't much data.

Best Solution

This is a really nasty bug as it affects us heavily on Stack Overflow with <pre> code blocks, which have max-height:600 and width:auto.

It is logged as a bug in the final version of IE8 with no fix.


There is a really, really hacky CSS workaround:


SUPER nasty IE8 hack to deal with this bug
    max-height: none\9 

and of course conditional CSS as others have mentioned, but I dislike that because it means you're serving up extra HTML cruft in every page request.