Css – Set fixed width to Nivo Slider


I've installed Nivo Slider using the code from the demo included in the free download.

All of the images I am including in the slider are 800 pixels wide.

However, they are being resized to 1440 pixels wide. Extra code is being inserted:

<img src="images/bar.jpg" data-thumb="images/bar.jpg" alt="" title="" style="display: none; width: 1440px;">

I have searched the CSS and JS and can find no mention of 1440.

Where is this width being set?

Best Solution

Nivo Slider is responsive by default, if you want to limit the sliders width, use the below class in your CSS

.slider-wrapper.theme-default {
   width: 800px; /* Desired width */

The above will work if you are using default theme of nivo slider, if you are using some other theme, than simply change the .theme-default to theme specific class which is assigned to the slider wrapper.