CVS: List all files changed between tags (or dates)


Is there any way to list all the files that have changed between two tags in CVS?

Every time we do a release we apply a tag to all the files in that release. I want to find all the files that changed between releases.

It would also work if I could find all files that had changed between two dates.

Best Solution

I suppose this command would help:

cvs diff -N -c -r RELEASE_1_0 -r RELEASE_1_1 > diffs

where RELEASE_1_0 and RELEASE_1_1 are the names of your tags.

You can find a little more information on cvs diff command here

plus it should be fairly simple to create a script to make report more suitbable for your needs, ex: number of files changed, created deleted etc. As far as I know the most common cvs GUI tools (wincvs and tortoise) do not provide something like this out of the box.

Hope it helps ;)

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