Cygwin – run script silenty from “run command”


I have script lets say:


I want to be able to run this command via the windows run command:

Start -> Run
Windows Key + R

and type something small like 'foo' and hitting return.

However, I do not want a cmd prompt to be visible. This script does some preprocessing for an IDE. I do not want the cmd prompt to be open for the lifetime of the IDE process.

I have tried:

1) Creating a bat file with the following contents:

c:\cygwin\bin\bash --login "C:\foo.bsh" (this fails because it keeps a cmd open)

2) Converting the above bat file to an exe using bat_2_exe_converter (does not make the cmd silent)


EDIT: The solution so far suggests something to type from an actual cygwin shell. I am trying to get a faster solution by having something short I can type in the Windows run command. Also, the nohup command; exit doesn't automatically kill the box – however I can manually kill it without killing the IDE process. The run command accepts shortcuts (.lnk's), bat's, exe's.

Best Solution

Try the run.exe command of cygwin. It is a big install, a complete unix environment for your Windows machine. Suppose you installed it at c:\cygwin\.

No mystery, just run c:\cygwin\bin\run.exe <your command here> and you will have your no dos window execution.

You can run it from any DOS window (run cmd.exe from the start menu). You don't need to run it from cygwin.

To make it easier, append C:\cygwin\bin to your %PATH% env var (My Computer → Properties → Advanced → Environment Variables) (Kudos to Felipe Alvarez comment).

Now you can just type

c:\cygwin\bin\run.exe "C:\foo.bsh"

You must create a link in your Start Menu with this command so will be able to run it with Win-R.

Here is the man page of the runcommand:

$ man run
RUN(1)                             run 1.3.0                            RUN(1)

       run - start programs with hidden console window

       run [ -p path ] command [ -wait ] arguments

       runcommand [ -p path ] [ -wait ] arguments

       Windows  programs  are  either  GUI  programs or console programs. When
       started console  programs  will  either  attach  to an existing console
       or  create a new one. GUI programs can  never attach to an exiting con‐
       sole. There is no way to attach to an existing console but hide  it  if
       started as GUI program.

       run  will  do this for you. It works  as intermediate and starts a pro‐
       gram but makes the console window hidden.

       With -p path you can add path to the PATH environment variable.

       Issuing -wait as first program  argument will make run wait for program
       completition, otherwise it returns immediately.

       The  second  variant  is  for   creating wrappers. If the executable is
       named runcommand (eg runemacs), run will try  to start the program  (eg

       run -p /usr/X11R6/bin xterm

       run emacs -wait
       runemacs -wait

       run make -wait

       Charles S. Wilson

       Harold L Hunt II

       Jehan Bing

       Alexander Gottwald

Version 1.3.0                    November 2005                          RUN(1)