Debugging VB6 Code From Visual Studio 2012


We have a .NET application using a lot of legacy components written in VB6. We were able to debug the VB6 code using native code debugger and generated pdb files in Visual Studio 2010. After upgrading to the VS 2012 (including Update 2) we cannot do this.

The module window shows following message:

Binary was not built with debug information.

You can also find following message in the output window:

Module was built without symbols.

When I try to load symbols manually, I get following message:

A matching symbol file was not found in this folder.

Debugging the very same dll or exe from VS 2010 works fine.

Is there any option to enable it?

Best Solution

I found a solution that works on my machine (per Microsoft's comments on ScottG's paid support request - thanks, Scott). Apparently Visual Studio's default debugger after 2010 doesn't handle VB6 DLLs, but there's a checkbox to use the old debug engine, which does:

enter image description here

I didn't need to enable Native Edit and Continue.