Delphi – How is the best way to write a SOAP 1.2 Client with Delphi Win32


So far, no Delphi version supports SOAP 1.2 clients or server.

I have tried for weeks to make it works, but every time a new problem, with VS/C# I could do the same, and make works in 3 days, but I need to do with Delphi 2009.

"I write a new version using Rem Objects SDK,", but the result was not better that I had with Delphi SOAP library.

But I'm wondering what choice else do I have, which library/component full support SOAP 1.2?

I found a message from Bruneau, suggesting Pocket SOAP
I don't know how this works, Ill investigate and see what I can do.

Best Solution

Remember to vote for SOAP 1.2 support on codegear's QC:

Currently, it's voted the #2 report for Delphi (after 64bit support). I'm really sure that CodeGear is not going to ignore this.

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