Delphi – How to write a Delphi Galileo IDE Expert



I want to write a small Delphi IDE Expert for D2007-D2009 (aka. Galileo IDE) in order to show a window with a TMemo instance on it, with all the component names and classes from the form designer in the above memo. The selected component will be marked with a '*'. The expert should appear on a menu/toolbar and have a shortcut assigned.

How do I do?

Ps: Actually the real code is more complicated than that, but I want to have a general framework to get started.


Best Solution

I did my first OTA with help of these links:

Erik's Open Tools API FAQ and Resources (The author of GExpert)

Delphi Open Tools API from Jim Kueneman - Mustangpeak

Delphi Open Tools API from RayRay Lischner

They are not updated to the latest versions, but they will you good start point and most of the code will work with the last version, I tried them with D2007.

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