Delphi: using TClientDataset as an in-memory dataset


According to this page, it's possible to use TClientDataset as an in-memory dataset, completely independent of any actual databases or files. It describes how to setup the dataset's table structure and how to load data into it at runtime. But when I tried to follow its instructions in D2009, step 4 (table.Open) raised an exception. It said that it didn't have a provider specified.

The entire point of the example on that page is to build a dataset that doesn't need a provider. Is the page wrong, is it outdated, or am I missing a step somewhere? And if the page is wrong, what do I need to use instead to create a completely independent in-memory dataset? I've been using TJvMemoryData, but if possible I'd like to reduce the amount of extra dependencies that my dataset adds into my project.

Best Solution

At runtime you can use table.CreateDataset or if this is on a design surface you can right click on the CDS and click create dataset. You need to have specified columns/types for the CDS before you can do this though.

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