Delphi XE3 EXE file size 25 times larger than Dephi 7


As a test I decided to create a simple "Hello world" app in Delphi using Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2010 and XE3. The app is nothing more than a TForm, a TButton with an OnClick event that calls ShowMessage('Hello world').

Below are the results of each final EXE with debugging turned off:

File sizes of EXEs

Can someone explain why the XE3 version is 26 times larger than the average of the previous versions of Delphi?

Here are my project settings for XE3:

Settings 1

Settings 2

Best Solution

You may have done a only a compile after changing to 'Release' configuration. Try to do a rebuild (not recompile). This will truly activate the Release configuration on the executable, and perhaps a smaller file size.

For me (Delphi XE2), the size reported by Windows for the same app (Release configuration) is:

1.52 MB (1,600,512 bytes)

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