Does C have classes


Okay, you may call me a noob but I'm realling confused.

My ex classmate paid me to write a program in C. She gave me the task and it said something like "blah blah blah make at least TWO CLASSES, write at least ONE CONSTRUCTOR and rewrite at least ONE METHOD" it says that word by word.

And then I told her "this is C++ not C" she said "but we're learning C"

I ignored it and wrote the program in c++ and sent to her as I thought she didn't know what she was talking about. She said "it doesn't work on code blocks, and wtf is cout <<" and then she sent me a chunk of code that they write and instead of cout and cin there was printf and scanf. It had to be C. So, I rewrote the program with printf and scanf and she still says codeblocks throw errors (I still left classes as task demanded).

I want to ask wtf? Does C have classes? Or is there a misunderstanding or something?

EDIT: I've come back to the question after so many years and noticed some a*****es took time to remove 99% text from the question. Get a life, this is not 1984 yet.

Best Solution

No, C doesn't have classes. That said, there are ways of simulating object-oriented programming in C - a quick Google search should yield some useful results.