Does every domain have unique IPs


I want to know whether every domain adress has a unique IP adress?
Furthermore, where these IP's are located? and how does this redirection system works?
When we try to access a web site by writing domain name how many redirections does it have?


Best Solution

No : each domain does not have its own IP address.

Several domains can be hosted on the same server -- and on the same IP address.
That's the idea behind Apache's VirtualHosts, for example.

And one domain-name can correspond to several distinct IP addresses.

For example, using the dig command on the domain, you'd get (I only copy-pasted a portion of the output) :

$ dig

;; ANSWER SECTION:              71      IN      A              71      IN      A              71      IN      A              71      IN      A              71      IN      A

For more informations, you should probably read the following wikipedia entry : Domain Name System.

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