Eclipse – Building Eclipse from source


I have been trying to build eclipse fetched from CVS, but cannot find where to begin?

Usually it has been simple, make X, build X, but I am not finding it that easy with this. There are hundreds of plugins, and I cannot seem to find where to build them all and have the eclipse IDE.

Is there any tutorial that will step me through the process? I cannot seem to find one.

Also, any way to automate this and make it programmatic would be huge as well, but I would settle for anything right now.

Best Solution

I believe the main document would be Building (from the wiki eclipse website), assisted with some PDE-build directives.

Eclipse itself is built using the PDE build infrastructure that it ships with the Plug-in Development Environment. Ant is used to run the build, with adequate plug-points where in you can perform custom tasks such as instrumentation of code.

Now, regarding eclipse itself, the releng project is the one in charge of the actual building: that link gives you some further indications on how to proceed, beginning with the installation of the releng plugin.

It is not an actual precise recipe, but a good starting point.

You have further discussions on that blog, including the use of ant4eclipse.
Pluginbuilder can also be mentioned as a tool which may be used to facilitate the build of some Eclipse plugins.

12 years later, Aug. 2020, özkan pakdil proposes:

"How to build eclipse on locally in windows 10"

Based on:

git clone -b master --recursive git:// e
export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx2048m -Declipse.p2.mirrors=false"
cd e
mvn verify -DskipTests