Eclipse – Can Eclipse generate method-chaining setters


I'd like to generate method-chaining setters (setters that return the object being set), like so:

public MyObject setField (Object value) {
    this.field = value;
    return this;

This makes it easier to do one-liner instantiations, which I find easier to read:

myMethod (new MyObject ().setField (someValue).setOtherField (someOtherValue));

Can Eclipse's templates be modified to do this? I've changed the content to include return this; but the signature is not changed.

Best Solution

I confirm eclipse (up to 3.5RC1) does not support "method chaining" setter generation.
It only allows for comment and body customization, not API modification of a setter (meaning a generated setter still return 'void').

May be the plugin Builder Pattern can help here... (not tested though)

Classic way (not "goof" since it will always generate a "void" as return type for setter):
alt text

Vs. new way (Builder Pattern, potentially used as an Eclipse plugin)
alt text