Eclipse HotKey: how to switch between tabs


How can I switch between opened windows in Eclipse? There is Ctrl+F6, but it's asking me which one I want, but I want switch it like tabs in browser or window in operating system (Cmd/Win+Tab) without file-selection from the list. How to do this easy thing in Eclipse?

I've tried to assign hotkey for events:

  • forward
  • forward history
  • next page

but it doesn't work the way I want.

Best Solution

  • CTRL+E (for a list of editor)
  • CTRL+F6 (for switching to the next editor through a list)
    You can assign another shortcut to the 'Next Editor' key.

are the two official shortcuts, but they both involve a list being displayed.

CTRL+Page Up / CTRL+Page Down can cycle through editors without displaying a list.

What is interesting with that last set of shortcuts is:
they are not listed in the Eclipse Keys shortcuts to be defined.
They may be inherited from the multipage editor, making them an OS specific shortcut.

Regarding shortcuts on Mac OS (OSX), Matt Ball complained in Sept. 2011 to not being able to remap CTRL+Page Up/CTRL+Page Down:

It drives me nuts to not be able to flip through open tabs as I can in pretty much every other tabbed program in OS X (-Left and -Right).

Well, in March 2012, Arthur replied:

, I've just downloaded the latest version of Eclipse (3.7+). I've been able to bind "Previous/Next tab" to (-Left and -Right) when in Editor, which I'm pretty sure I couldn't do before.
So I guess they heard you.
It works just as you expect, tabs going from left to right and vice-versa, not on a history basis or some nonsense like that.

Matt Ball confirms:

oh wow, selecting "Editing Java Source" actually worked!
Now, unfortunately this means that I'm SOL if I nav into a non-Java file (JSP, XML, JS, etc.).
The fix for this is to "copy command" for this pair, and select all the "whens" that I want.
So far it's at least working beautifully for Java and JSP files.
This is a major PITA to set up, but it's just a one-time thing.

His exported preferences are available here for you to try.
Once imported, you should see, for all the relevant types of document:

Mac Os key bindings