Eclipse: How to create and load custom key bindings schemes


I started using Eclipse recently along with the awesome PyDev plugin for Python development. Being used to the Visual Studio key bindings, I found that Eclipse has built-in support for a Visual Studio (and Emacs too) key bindings scheme.

However, I would like to create my own custom key bindings scheme and be able to load the scheme into Eclipse. How do I do this?

Best Solution

As explained in the Schemes help page, you can define new Key Schemes through a custom plugin:

you can define a new type of scheme inside the org.eclipse.ui.bindings definition. The workbench markup that defines the default and emacs key configurations are shown below:


As illustrated by the Wizard Help Page, you can export only the key bindings preferences.

alt text

And you will be able to import it back through File/Import.

As for the list of shortcuts available depending on your current context:

Ctrl+Shift+L: you can check if your modifications apply.