Eclipse IDE for Java – Full Dark Theme


Is there any way to completely turn Eclipse to a dark IDE?
Here's a Picture of what I'm asking:

I don't mind doing 1 hour of work to do something like this 😀


As Konstantin Komissarchik said, I had to modify my OS colors. This is possible by adding a custom Visual Style to the Windows. With the aid of a Custom Theme and a Custom Visual Style for Windows 7 (Which I have changed a little bit), my Eclipse looks like the picture below:
Screenshot of my Eclipse

Update 2019:

The latest versions of Eclipse now come with a dark theme. Just go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Theme and select "Dark" or another appropriate version based on your operating system.

Eclipse default dark theme

Of course you can still enable dark visual styles to your Windows or change your theme on other operating systems but the default dark theme is good enough for the most part.

Best Solution

Moonrise is the best dark theme I have ever seen for Eclipse!
Just follow the steps on the website and Enjoy!

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