Eclipse project not built on Mac due to ‘A resource exists with a different case’ error


I am trying to following instructions to import android java source to
eclipse on mac:

I did create a new partition ('Mac OS Extended, case sensitive, journaled) on Mac.
I was able to build android sdk successfully at command line.

But when I try to create a new eclipse project and I get this error
which prevents eclipse from building the android source:

The project was not built due to "A resource exists with a different
case: '/android/out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/
Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may
be inconsistent android

Can you please tell me how can to fix my problem?

Best Solution

I just ran into this issue. It occurs when you have a case mismatch on package names. I resolved it by closing Eclipse and reconciling all package names in my project folder (under bin, gen and src) as well as in my AndroidManifest.xml. Once everything matched, I reopened Eclipse, did a Clean and Build and the error went away.

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