Eclipse – Restore Eclipse subversion project connection


I have a project in subversion, which I'm developing using Eclipse. I did the original checkout from the svn repository from inside Eclipse. All was well for some weeks then for some unknown reason, Eclipse (specifically: subclipse in Ganymede) no longer recognizes my project as being under svn control. The team context-menu only shows the basic "apply patch" / "share this project" menu options. From the shell, I can still update the project using the svn command line tools, so I know that the svn credentials still work. Other projects under subversion in the same copy of Eclipse still work.

I realise that I can delete the local copy and check it out again, but I'd rather understand what has gone wrong – fix the problem, rather than mask the symptoms. Where does Eclipse store its knowledge of which projects are under version control? I looked at the .project file and the .settings directory, but couldn't see any obvious mention of svn nature or anything similar, even in the projects that are still working properly.

Best Solution

If you are using sublipse as your SVN provider I recommend doing the following

Team -> Share project is usually enough to connect the metadata.

(that is, assuming that the .svn files are still there which they seem to be if you can work on the command line).

Hope this helps as to why this would happen I have no idea