Eclipse “Share Project” by hand


What actually happens to the file system when you do a Subclipse Share Project on an Eclipse project that was externally checked out from Subversion? All the .svn folders are already in place. I get an error when I try to Share Project the right way, and I'd rather not delete and re-checkout the projects from the SVN Repository browser.

Best Solution

Dunno exactly what happens within eclipse, I presume it does some funky stuff in the .metadata directory of the workspace. That said, I would recommend the following to get eclipse to learn about the svn settings of the project:

  • Delete the project from the workspace (keep "Delete project contents on disk" unchecked)
  • File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace
  • Browse to the folder containing the original project(s) of interest
  • Import the projects into your workspace

This seems to have the side effect of subclipse noticing the subversion settings when importing the "new" projects into your workspace.