Eclipse – Subclipse complains “Path is not a working copy” after moving workspace


I recently moved my Eclipse workspace directory and now Subclipse complains every time I open a file, dumping to the console something like:

Path is not a working copy directory

svn: '[original (pre-move) directory path]' is not a working copy

No such file or directory

This also happens when I explicitly try to view the history of a file. This persists across SVN cleanups, closing and re-opening Eclipse, etc.

Update, checkin, checkout and so on all seem to work fine, and Tortoise doesn't complain at all, so clearly it's not the SVN metadata that's screwed up, it's some Subclipse-specific metadata. Can anyone tell me how to blow this broken metadata away?

Edited to add: "Team > Disconnect" followed by "Team > Share" doesn't solve the problem.

Edited again to add: I've grepped through the whole .metadata directory and one of the project directories for a unique element of the old path and can't find it anywhere except in .metadata/.log (the error message itself) and some old Findbugs warnings. Very nice.

Best Solution

You need to delete the .syncinfo files. This is easily done (in most cases) by closing and opening Eclipse, however you can also do so manually as in the following:

To delete the cache, close Eclipse. The cache is stored in:


So you can just find and delete all files named .syncinfo in


Quoted from this article: