Eclipse – what’s the keyboard shortcut to toggle breakpoint in pydev using eclipse


I think I'm missing the elephant in the room but for the life of me I can't find the keyboard shortcut to setting a breakpoint in eclipse when using the pydev plugin.

Things that I've already tried:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + B: does nothing.

  2. Ctrl + F10: brings up the breakpoint context menu where you can select to add breakpoint, remove etc… I don't want to have to scroll through a menu every time I want to use a keyboard shortcut.. .kinda defeats the purpose of a shortcut.

  3. Clicking on the strip on the left hand side of the code: this is the only way that I'm setting it atm, but I'm rather avoid using the mouse if I can.

I'm using pydev 1.6.1 on eclipse 3.6

EDIT (31/08): In light of the two answers by codedevour and Tao, I've tried editing the shortcut but have had no luck with the new shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B either. Other shortcuts work. I've also tried changing the "When" drop down from In Windows to 'Pydev editor scope' with no effects.
From what the editor is telling me, there is no conflicts with the breakpoint shortcut.

This is a fresh install on two machines, both windows 7 and it's happened on both machines.

Best Solution

Finally found it!

The answer is here:

In short, shortcuts are not set for all perspectives of eclipse. Whilst in the pydev perspective, go to Window > Customize perspective > Command Groups Availability > Check breakpoints.

That's it!

I was using the pydev perspective (which is what it switches to when you first create a pydev project) however, breakpoint shortcuts are only available in the debug perspective by default so you need to turn the shortcut on... wow that was so NOT obvious!