Error: “Incomplete microdata with” (Review)

I'm getting the error when I try to post Review Microdata for a product. I'm wondering what properties are required I have tried several different ways of arrange the data.

This is what Google gives me:

type: review
name: Some reviewer
Item 1
Item 2
reviewbody: "The body"
Error: Incomplete microdata with
Item 1
type: person
name: some Person
Item 2
type: rating
worstrating: 1
bestrating: 5
ratingvalue: 5

Best Solution

I just got this to work because of an answer I found posted here.

I noticed you have name: some reviewer, but the name is supposed to represent the item being reviewed.

For me the solution was to change this name property from itemprop="name" to itemprop="about", and that is what the solution suggests.

I would compare what you have to her working solution for the rest of the property names too, in case it still doesn't work for you. I actually came here first to your question looking for a solution, and then found the solution about 5 minutes later. Hope it works!

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