Excel – CopyOrigin on Insert in Excel VBA


Can anyone tell me what the CopyOrigin parameter of Insert is used for?
And what values it will accept?

I have included the vba help (which wasn't really that helpful):

Inserts a cell or a range of cells
into the worksheet or macro sheet and
shifts other cells away to make space.

expression.Insert(Shift, CopyOrigin)
expression Required. An expression
that returns a Range object.

Shift Optional Variant. Specifies
which way to shift the cells. Can be
one of the following
XlInsertShiftDirection constants:
xlShiftToRight or xlShiftDown. If this
argument is omitted, Microsoft Excel
decides based on the shape of the

CopyOrigin Optional Variant. The
copy origin.

Best Solution

It takes either of one parameter as given below.

Const xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove = 0

Member of Excel.XlInsertFormatOrigin


Const xlFormatFromRightOrBelow = 1

Member of Excel.XlInsertFormatOrigin