Excel – How to draw a “Line with Markers” graph like this


Please view this image (focus to red around area):

enter image description here

Best Solution

I cannot get it to work with the letters, but I can get it to work with numbers (=CODE(A1)-CODE("a")+1):


UPDATE after reading Jean-Fran├žois's answer (but on another computer):

  • Added a second series just for the custom labels
  • Show data labels for the new series
  • Explicitly set the Y axis minimum at 0
  • Deleted the original X axis labels
  • Deleted the legend entry of the second series


A few more steps and we're there:

  • multiplied the X axis values by 10, to adjust granularity for positioning stuff
  • subtracted 5 for series1 values, to get the data in the middle between major tick marks
  • played with series2 values, to get the labels also in the middle between major tick marks


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