Excel – Return all characters but the first X amount Excel 2007


I've got a long list of codes and text in the same cell. I need to return all the text from the right BUT the first five characters

ex. V2341 something here

I need to return the something here


That's what I've tried, but no luck with it. I know it's gotta be close to correct, what am I missing?


Best Solution

You're looking for MID.

If column A contains

    A                          C                         D
    ====================       ======================    ==============
1   ABCDE12345                 D1=MID(A1, 6, LEN(A1))    12345
2   ABCDE1234567890ABCD        D2=MID(A2, 6, LEN(A2))    1234567890ABCD
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