Excel – Updating excel charts automatically each month with new data and rolling the last month off the end


I have been given a set of historic data that requires line charting for the given range (say 12 months). We insert a new column at "B" each new month so the historic data moves along one column.

Can we automatically update the chart with the new months data and roll off the previous last month from the chart when we insert the new data?

We can change format the data to suit a solution ie possibly inserting a new column isn't the best way to add data, for the most part the the whole dashboard type solution is legacy – your thoughts appreciated

Tony B

Best Solution

This is probably the easiest way to create a dynamic chart.

  1. create a dynamically named range for the chart.
  2. use the dynamic named range for your chart data range.

Here is an excellent tutorial by Jon Peltier



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