Facebook – Using existing Page as App page


I've got a Facebook app created that is only used for authenticating Facebook Connect and mobile apps (i.e., it has no canvas URL or page tab, etc.). I want to set it up such that this app's page is an existing Facebook page, so that the "via " links when I share content point to this existing Facebook page (currently, it goes to an interstitial that says "You are being linked to the web app", and redirects to our homepage).

If I look in the advanced settings, there is an "App Page" field, but the only option in that field is to create a new page—not the desired effect. Is there a way I can set this manually to an existing page?

P.S. This question showed up in the "similar questions"… it seems this person wanted the same thing I did, but never got a response. 🙁

Best Solution

It appears as though you can now do this from the "App Details" tab of your Facebook App.

First ensure the following:

  1. Your Facebook Page's category is set to Brands & Products/App Page
  2. The name of your app and page match

If these two conditions are met, then you should see a dropdown menu with pages that you can associate with the app.