Git – How to disable pull requests in GitHub


I am trying to understand how will I be able to disable "pull requests" in github.

Question 1:
We are trying to use the rebase workflow and that means using pull requests can be harmful if that isn't a fast forward push.
One Solution: Setup branch permissions for the branches where I want to disable pull request. Or add me as the reviewer to anything that goes into master.

Question 2:
So that begs the question, can I setup branch permissions in github ?? Can I add myself as a reviewer for any change that wants to get into master ?

Question 3:
Github has definitely removed pre-receive hooks, so how can I do any enforcements before the source hits the server ? pre-commit hooks can be done, but at the same time can be pain.

I had asked a similar question here: Commit message hook on github

It seems github could be useful for the merge workflow or even git-flow, but it can be hard to maintain for the rebase workflow, is that a fair assumption ?

Can I consider atlassian Stash as a better tool for the rebase workflow ?

Best Solution

It is not possible according to GitHub support

I asked support on February 2018 if it was possible to remove the Pull Requests tab, and the reply from @nickcannariato was:

Thanks for writing in! We've definitely heard some users requesting this feature over the last couple of years, and it's currently on our feature request list. I can't make any promises about if or when we may add this ability in the future, but I'll add your +1 to that feature request so the team can see it.

confirming that it is not possible.

Request on the de-facto trackers: