Git – How to install vimdiff on Windows after installing git bash


I usually use vimdiff when I want to see diff between two points in git. However, I can't find vimdiff in 'git bash' environment on Windows. Therefore, If anybody know how to install or use vimdiff in git bash console, please let me know.

Best Solution

If you can launch vim in bash on Windows, you should be able to launch it in diff mode with vim -d. You could then just alias it to vimdiff if it's more comfortable.

As you've tagged this with git, I'll recommend Tim Pope's fugitive git plugin for Vim. With it I do most git work, including diffing without ever leaving Vim. I do this on Windows 7 at work to keep me out of git bash as much as possible, as git bash is very simple and out-of-date (many of the included programs, such as grep are versions from c. 2000).