Git – How to use tags in Git


A tag in git from what I understand is just marking a particular commit with a name.

So say I release version 1.5, I create a tag 1.5

Now if a customer finds a bug, how do I go and 'checkout' that 1.5 codebase to my working directory?

I guess that I would perform the bug fix, then create another tag like 1.5.1.

Then I would potentially merge that code into the current version, right?

Best Solution

git checkout 1.5

This will check out the 1.5 tag to your working directory. Then you can make any fixes you like, and then make another tag for version 1.5.1.

After this, simply check out back to master (or whatever branch you are developing on), and perform the following command:

git merge 1.5.1

This will merge the changes you made to the latest version of your codebase.