Git svn fetch retrieves the same Subversion revision multiple times for branches


I am seeing git svn fetch repeatedly retrieve the same Subversion
revisions when it finds branches in my Subversion repository. We are
using the standard Subversion repository layout, with top level
/trunk, /tags, and /branches directories (and the git repository was
created with 'git svn init -s'). However, the problematic branches are
often copies made from a subdirectory inside of trunk, instead of

The git svn fetch output typically looks something like this:

r2537 = d5b22e956157af036d4112e42e8fb927e45758c8 (trunk)
        M       Enterprise/VC/libgc/SymbolVenue.cpp
r2538 = cfed4ca0491da0b732f32bfff72ba678450a0915 (trunk)
Found possible branch point: http://repo/prod_repos/trunk/Enterprise/VC => http://repo/prod_repos/branches/file_conversion, 2523
W: Refspec glob conflict (ref: refs/remotes/scripter@832):
expected path: branches/scripter@832
    real path: trunk/Enterprise/Python
Continuing ahead with trunk/Enterprise/Python
W: Refspec glob conflict (ref: refs/remotes/trunk):
expected path: branches/trunk
    real path: trunk
Continuing ahead with trunk
Initializing parent: file_conversion@2523
        A       gc/QuoteService.cpp
        A       gc/TestSuite.h
        A       gc/
        A       gc/QuoteService.h

r1 = d349ed8cb2d76596fe2b83224986275be4600fad (QuoteSvcFix442@2698)
        D       gc/FixMessageLogger.h
r5 =
r19 =
r20 = 

And we are back at revision 1. git svn fetch then
continues to fetch revisions until it reaches the revision that
created the branch.

What am I doing wrong? Is there anyway for me to tell git svn fetch to
not retrieve revisions it has already pulled?

Best Solution

I noticed this question because I got the same error message:

W: Refspec glob conflict (ref: refs/remotes/trunk):
expected path: branches/trunk
    real path: trunk

It turned out that .git/config had duplicate lines that seem to confuse git-svn, like this:

[svn-remote "svn"]
    branches = project/branches/*:refs/remotes/*
    tags = project/tags/*:refs/remotes/tags/*
    branches = project/branches/*:refs/remotes/*
    tags = project/tags/*:refs/remotes/tags/*

Removing those duplicates solved weird git-svn behaviour for me, and might as well for you. I'm not sure what caused git-svn to duplicate this information in the first place. I killed and continued the initial clone, this might be related?