Github/compare: How to diff two different files (different file names, both in HEAD)


Can I use the github /compare to display the difference between two different source files in HEAD?

Here is how I do it on the command line with git diff:

git diff HEAD:docs/tutorial/01-boxed-function-pointers.cpp HEAD:docs/tutorial/02-raw-actors.cpp

My best guess at the github syntax is the following. But it doesn't work:…HEAD:docs/tutorial/02-raw-actors.cpp

I specifically want an on-line pretty-printed HTML render of the diff.

If this can't be done with github, can anyone recommend a third-party website that will render diffs of two arbitrary files hosted on github?

Edit #1:

Thanks to the answers who recommended However, I need to be able to specify the source files as current HEAD on github. Any third-party tool would need to automatically pull the latest source files from github repo URLs. I notice that can import source from URLs. However I am looking for a live view that always uses the latest HEAD.

Thank you.

Best Solution

I sometimes use Diff Checker tool on the diffchecker website. It is an online diff tool to compare text differences between two text files.