Google-app-engine – How to remove unused indexes in Google Application Engine


I've accidentally added a new filter to my GAE application. The status of the index is 'serving' now – however I don't need that index at all and I'd like to remove. How can I do that?

Best Solution

It is documented here. Hope that helps.

Deleting Unused Indexes

When you change or remove an index from index.yaml, the original index is not deleted from App Engine automatically. This gives you the opportunity to leave an older version of the app running while new indexes are being built, or to revert to the older version immediately if a problem is discovered with a newer version.

When you are sure that old indexes are no longer needed, you can delete them from App Engine using the following command: vacuum_indexes myapp/

This command deletes all indexes for the app that are not mentioned in the local version of index.yaml.