Issue embedding TinyMCE in Django: the TinyMCE app wouldn’t show up in the browser


I’m working on a web application with Django, and I’m using the Flatpages app.

Now, I’m trying to embed the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor in Flatpages. I’m following the steps mentioned in the Apress book: Practical Django Projects. And I’ve done everything right, but the TinyMCE app wouldn’t show up in the browser. When I asked the Django IRC channel we found out that it’s not a Django problem, the problem seems to be with TinyMCE itself. When I tried to look up the documentation at the TinyMCE website, all I found was either very outdated, or totally unrelated to my problem. How should I go about this?

Best Solution

Have you tried django-tinymce?

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