Go: local import in non-local package


I have the following file structure:

├── bin
│   └── hello
├── pkg
└── src
    └── jacob.uk.com
        ├── greeting
        │   └── greeting.go
        └── helloworld.go

5 directories, 3 files

With the following GOPATH


Upon executing /usr/local/go/bin/go install jacob.uk.com within the src folder, I get the error local import "./greeting" in non-local package


package main;
import "./greeting"

func main() {


Best Solution

You can't use local import when specifying a non-local package to go install. If you want the local import to work, first change working directory to src/jacob.uk.com then execute go install (without specifying the package).

Of course having the helloworld.go you provided you will get an compile error: imported and not used. But once you use something from the imported greeting package, it should compile.

But you shouldn't use local imports at all. Instead write:

import "jacob.uk.com/greeting"

And doing so you will be able to compile/run/install it from anywhere.

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