Navigation in django


I've just done my first little webapp in django and I love it. I'm about to start on converting an old production PHP site into django and as part its template, there is a navigation bar.

In PHP, I check each nav option's URL against the current URL, in the template code and apply a CSS class if they line up. It's horrendously messy.

Is there something better for django or a good way of handling the code in the template?

To start, how would I go about getting the current URL?

Best Solution

You do not need an if to do that, have a look at the following code:

def active(request, pattern):
    import re
    if, request.path):
        return 'active'
    return ''

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    (r'/$', view_home_method, 'home_url_name'),
    (r'/services/$', view_services_method, 'services_url_name'),
    (r'/contact/$', view_contact_method, 'contact_url_name'),


{% load tags %}

{% url 'home_url_name' as home %}
{% url 'services_url_name' as services %}
{% url 'contact_url_name' as contact %}

<div id="navigation">
    <a class="{% active request home %}" href="{{ home }}">Home</a>
    <a class="{% active request services %}" href="{{ services }}">Services</a>
    <a class="{% active request contact %}" href="{{ contact }}">Contact</a>

that's it. for implementation details have a look at: