Go – Website Analytics – haveamint.com or Google Analytics?


Is there a comparative analysis available for Mint and Google Analytics which can help me decide which one to implement in my situation?

Best Solution

For every website I work on I only use Google Analytics. My main reasons:

  • free -- for unlimited sites and hits
  • no ads
  • I don't find it hard to use and my clients haven't found it hard either (most figure it out within minutes)
  • it has an API, so if you want more, you can add your own stats or even incorporate into the site
  • for ecommerce, the extra tracking for ecommerce is great
  • there are theories that it might even help your Google ranking (as they gain extra data about your site)
  • a lot of people use it, so often the JS is cached
  • easy to setup (I don't know about mint, but GA is a few lines of JS)
  • connects to adsense so the stats can be tracked together (I don't know if others support this)

... and more.