Google-sheets – SUMIFS function in Google Spreadsheet


I'm trying to have a similar function to SUMIFS (like SUMIF but with more than a single criterion) in a Google Spreadsheet. MS-Excel has this function built-in (

I've tried to use ArrayFormula (, similar to the SUMIF:

=ARRAYFORMULA(SUM(IF(A1:A10>5, A1:A10, 0)))

By Adding AND:

=ARRAYFORMULA(SUM(IF(AND(A1:A10>5,B1:B10=1), C1:C10, 0)))

But the AND function didn't pick up the ArrayFormula instruction and returned FALSE all the times.

The only solution I could find was to use QUERY which seems a bit slow and complex:

=SUM(QUERY(A1:C10,"Select C where A>5 AND B=1"))

My Target is to fill up a table (similar to a Pivot Table) with many values to calculate:

=SUM(QUERY(DataRange,Concatenate( "Select C where A=",$A2," AND B=",B$1)))

Did anyone manage to do it in a simpler and faster way?

Best Solution

The simplest way to easily make SumIFS-like functions in my opinion is to combine the FILTER and SUM function.

SUM(FILTER(sourceArray, arrayCondition_1, arrayCondition_2, ..., arrayCondition_30))

For example:


Explanation: the FILTER() filters the rows in A1:A10 where A1:A10 > 5 and B1:B10 = 1. Then SUM() sums the values of those cells.

This approach is very flexible and easily allows for making COUNTIFS() functions for example as well (just use COUNT() instead of SUM()).