GWT Junit – error=’no compilation unit for that type was seen’


I'm trying to run a GWT unit test in a sample app. I ran

cmd /c /java/gwt-windows-1.6.4/webAppCreator.cmd -out gwttasks com.gwttasks.GwtTasks

Copied in junit-4.5.jar into a lib directory, and added that to the classpath.


cmd /c /java/gwt-windows-1.6.4/junitCreator.cmd -junit lib/junit-4.5.jar -module com.gwttasks.GwtTasks -eclipse GwtTasks com.gwt

When I try to run any of the generated cmd file (such as GwtJunit-hosted.cmd) or any of the launch files, I get the following error. All the web pages I've seen say to add the test source to the classpath, but it's already there, so that's not the problem. Anyone else seen this? The test class 'com.gwttasks.unit.GwtJunit' was not found in module 'com.gwttasks.GwtTasks'; no compilation unit for that type was seen

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