Haskell – Recommended reading on general debugging techinques


What reading would you recommend on general debugging techniques? I am more interested in principles and best practices than in specific platform solutions. For the record I mainly work with .NET (F#, C#), and dabble in Haskell and Ocaml.

One of these Friday evenings we talked about debugging with my colleague on our walk home. I was surprised to learn that one can view and modify the state of live objects from the VisualStudio debugger. He also mentioned that another developer he knew, a "Java guru," had once shown him some debugging magic and given an article or booklet on debugging, which challenged my colleague's initial "there's nothing to it" attitude. Having spent more time than I wished hunting bugs, I am ready to be challenged as well. Are there any links you would recommend?

Best Solution

I've studied a lot of debugging books and thoughts. Probably the best one is Debugging By Thinking. I think it covers everything that needs to be said, in a logical fashion, in an easy-to-read package.